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Weekly Parsha: Ekev

Parsha Ekev: A promise of prosperity; conquest of Canaan; re: wandering in the desert; the danger of prosperity. re: earlier rebellions; the second set of Luchos; what Hashem wants from the Jews.

Weekly Parsha: Devarim

Weekly Parsha – Devarim: Moshe Reviews The Events And Experiences During The Years In The Wilderness. Journey from Sinai; appointment of judges and administrators; the Meraglim (Spies), defeat of Sichon and Og, land of Gilad.


NOTE: Please consult your emailed Emessaries or WhatsApp for the latest on times and constraints. Schedules are changing daily, if not hourly, based on government and halachic issues.  When davening alone, try to daven at the time Anshe Emes would have davened at the times below.

Minyanim are adhering to Social Distancing requirements, which for the moment limits us to adult males who have their names on our list.  7/13: Minyanim held outdoors in the back.

  • If you feel even slightly ill, please stay at home.
  • Until further notice, bring your own siddurim & talleisim.
  • The restrooms & kitchen are closed.  You will need to return home to use a restroom.
  • There may be weekdays where we daven mincha before Plag in order to have Mincha & Maariv with a minyan.
  • There is only one minyan for shachris during the week. It will start with borchu at 6:45am on M/Th &  at 7:00am on T/W/F.
  • Mincha/Maariv times will be published weekly (though should be 5 minutes later than listed)
  • There will only be a pre-plag minyan for Mincha on Friday.
  • Mincha on Shabbos afternoon will be at 6:00pm to allow everyone to get home for seuda shlishis.
  • There will be no shiurim at the Shul.

Emessaries: Vaeschanan
Shabbos Nachamu

Erev Shabbos, Friday, July 31
– Shachris 7:00am (Barchu)
– Early Mincha: 6:20pm
– Plag HaMincha: 6:28pm
Candlelighting: 7:35pm
Mincha/Maariv: 7:45pm  Pre-Plag Mincha only

Shabbos, Aug 1
Birkos HaShachar & Pesukei d’Zimra at home
– Shachris: 7:30am/9:00am (Barchu)
– Shema: 9:32am
– Mincha: 6:15pm (so you can get home for seuda shlishis)
Shabbos Ends/Maariv: 8:44pm

Weekday Shachris:
Birkos HaShachar & Pesukei d’Zimra at home
– Fri Jul 31 7:00am (Barchu)

Weekday Shachris:
Birkos HaShachar & Pesukei d’Zimra at home
– Sun Aug 3 7:45am (Barchu)
– Mon Aug 4 6:45am (Barchu)
– Tue Aug 5 7:00am (Barchu)
– Wed Aug 6 7:00am (Barchu)
– Thu Aug 7 6:45am (Barchu)
– Fri Aug 8 7:00am (Barchu)
Mincha: 7:40pm followed by Maariv
Sun:Zoom Pizza Beis Midrash: 6:00pm
Sun-Thu:Zoom Mishna Brura: 7:10pm
Wed:Zoom Gemara: 5:45pm

Weekday Shachris:
Birkos HaShachar & Pesukei d’Zimra at home
– Sun Aug 10 7:45am (Barchu)
– Mon Aug 11 6:45am (Barchu)
– Tue Aug 12 7:00am (Barchu)
– Wed Aug 13 7:00am (Barchu)
– Thu Aug 14 6:45am (Barchu)
– Fri Aug 15 7:00am (Barchu)
Mincha: 7:35pm followed by Maariv
Sun:Zoom Pizza Beis Midrash: 6:00pm
Sun-Thu:Zoom Mishna Brura: 7:05pm
Wed:Zoom Gemara: 5:45pm

Keylim Mikvah Closes: 30 minutes before mincha

Calendars:   July 2020  |  August 2020

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