Revised Halachos of Davening Alone

Davening Alone We are all aware that due to the present situation, we are without the ability to daven in Shul with a minyon. Here are some halachos about living in our new reality. Try to either daven k’vasikin (what you get to Shmona Esrai at sunrise) or continue to daven at your normal minyon […]

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Parsha: Recent & Upcoming

Weekly Parsha: Vayeishev

Yoseph (Joseph) Arouses His Brothers’ Jealousy. Yoseph Is Sold Into Slavery. Yehudah & Tamar. Yoseph In Potiphar’s House. Yoseph Interprets The Butler’s and Baker’s Dreams.

Weekly Parsha: Toldos

Weekly Parsha — Toldos: Yaakov and Esav are Born; Esav Sells His Birthright To Yaakov; Yitzchak and Rivka Travel to Gerar; Yitzchak’s Blessing; Yaakov Leaves Home


NOTE: Please consult your emailed Emessaries or WhatsApp for the latest on times and constraints. Schedules are changing daily, if not hourly, based on government and halachic issues.  When davening alone, try to daven at the time Anshe Emes would have davened at the times below.  Minyanim are adhering to Social Distancing requirements, which for the moment limits us to adult males who have their names on our list.  Weekday minyanim held outdoors in the back.

If you feel even slightly ill, please stay at home.  Until further notice, bring your own siddurim & talleisim. The kitchen is closed.  Please bring sanitizer into the restroom and clean surfaces before you leave. There is only one minyan for shachris during the week. It will start with borchu at 6:45am on M/Th &  at 7:00am on T/W/F. There are no shiurim at the Shul.

Emessaries: Vayetzei

Erev Shabbos, Friday, Nov 27
– Mincha/Maariv: 4:35pm
Candlelighting: 4:24pm

Shabbos, Nov 28
– Shachris: 7:30/9:00am (barchu)
– Shema: 9:10am
– Mincha: 2:30pm (Shalosh Seudos @home)
– Mussar: 5:14pm
– Shabbos Ends/Maariv: 5:34pm
– Motzei Shabbos Learning: 7:00pm

Weekday Shachris:
– Sun Nov 22 7:15am (barchu)
– Mon Nov 23 6:45am (barchu)
– Tue Nov 24 7:00am (barchu)
– Wed Nov 25 7:00am (barchu)
– Thu Nov 26 7:15am (barchu) legal holiday
– Fri Nov 27 7:15am (barchu) legal holiday (Candlelighting 4:24pm)
Mincha: 4:35pm followed by Maariv
Winter Hours:  Please Help with pre-5pm Minyan!

Sun-Thu:Zoom Mishna Brura: 5:15pm

Weekday Shachris:
– Sun Nov 29 7:15am (barchu)
– Mon Nov 30 6:45am (barchu)
– Tue Dec 1 7:00am (barchu)
– Wed Dec 2 7:00am (barchu)
– Thu Dec 3 7:15am (barchu)
– Fri Dec 4 6:45am (barchu) (Candlelighting 4:24pm)
Mincha: 4:35pm followed by Maariv
Winter Hours:  Please Help with pre-5pm Minyan!

Sun-Thu:Zoom Mishna Brura: 5:15pm

Keylim Mikvah Closes: 30 minutes before mincha – shomer must be present – click link to left for current days and hours reflecting limited COVID hours

Calendars:   November 2020

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Note: Times from MyZmanim, below, may differ slightly from minhagei Anshe Emes.