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Weekly Parsha: Beha’alosecha

Parsha Beha’alosecha: The Menorah/Consecration of the Levi’im; The First Pesach; The Israelite’s March; The Israelites Complain/The 70 Elders; Miriam Is Punished With Tzaaras.

Weekly Parsha: Bamidbar

BAMIDBAR I. Summary A. A Census Is Taken. During the second year after the Exodus, Hashem commanded Moshe and Aaron to conduct a census of male Israelites ages 20-60 (i.e., who were liable for military service). The census revealed 603,550 such men (Levites were excluded because of their special duties in connection with the Mishkon […]


Emessaries: Shavuos & Shabbos/Shavuos

All Minyanim are on hiatus Until Further Notice. When davening alone, try to daven at the time Anshe Emes would have davened at the times below.

Erev Shavuos, Thursday, May 28
– Shachris 5:45/6:30am
– Mincha: 7:45pm only
Candlelighting: 7:38pm
– Maariv: 8:48pm

Erev Shabbos, Shavuos Day 1, Friday, May 29
– Shachris 5:10/6:45am
– Early Mincha: 6:16pm
– Plag HaMincha: 6:29pm
Candlelighting: 7:38pm
– Mincha/Maariv: 7:45pm

Shabbos, May 30
– Shachris: 8:45am
– Shema: 9:17am
– Mincha: 7:30pm
– Neilas HaChag: 8:10pm
– Alei Shor Shiur: 8:29pm
Shabbos Ends/Maariv: 8:55pm

Weekday Shachris:
– Sun May 24 6:45/7:30am
– Mon May 25 5:45/6:30am
– Tue May 26 5:45/6:45am
– Wed May 27 5:45/6:45am
– Thu May 28 5:45/6:30am
– Fri May 29 5:45/6:45am Shavuos
Mincha: 7:45pm
Sun:Zoom Pizza Beis Midrash: 6:00pm
Sun-Thu:Zoom Mishna Brura: 8:00pm
Wed:Zoom Gemara: 5:45pm

Weekday Shachris:
– Sun May 31 6:45/7:30am
– Mon Jun 1 5:45/6:30am
– Tue Jun 2 5:45/6:45am
– Wed Jun 3 5:45/6:45am
– Thu Jun 4 5:45/6:30am
– Fri Jun 5 5:45/6:45am
Mincha: 7:50pm
Sun:Zoom Pizza Beis Midrash: 6:00pm
Sun-Thu:Zoom Mishna Brura: 8:05pm
Wed:Zoom Gemara: 5:45pm

Keylim Mikvah Closes: 30 minutes before mincha

Calendars:  May 2020

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Note: Times from MyZmanim, below, may differ slightly from minhagei Anshe Emes.